The green and sustainable alternative towards standard oral care sweeteners.


Especially in the last decade, the awareness of customers for green and healthy products with a sustainable supply chain increased.

Due to this trend, we invested in a complete REACH registration for the Xylitol we are offering. It is an excellent alternative towards Sodium Saccharin which has a relatively dirty production. Xylitol can be produced from renewable resources like corn in an environmental friendly fermentative production method.


On top of that Xylitol has unique benefits for the oral care industry:

  • Remineralisation of tooth enamel
  • Helping to seal dental cavities
  • Helps reducing tooth plaque
  • Slowing down cariogenic bacteria growth


Our Xylitol can be used in Fresh Taste products like menthol, sugar-free sweets and chewing gums.
On Top of that we recommend Xylitol for sugar reduction in baked goods, milk products, processed fruits and candies.